Vegan Supper

Commonlands Room

Vegan Supper Club

Vegan supper club at The Christopher Centre


What is the vegan supper club?

Despite its title the vegan supper club is an open event which anyone can attend. It’s a community event where we all eat at a communal table. We serve 2 courses , a main course which usually consists of a hot or cold buffet (depending on the time of year) where guests can help themselves and a pudding. You are welcome to bring your own drinks wine,beer presse etc.

We are a friendly bunch and always make anyone coming for the first time feel very welcome.

The cost of the evening is £7

All monies raised go to support the work of The Sudbury Community Depot, which is an organisation that’s supports the most vulnerable members of our community at times of crisis in their lives. The Sudbury Community Depot is run solely by volunteers including our wonderful collection and delivery volunteers using their own transport.

If you are curious about plant based food, why not give our Vegan supper club a go and support vital work in the community at the same time.

Our Vegan Suppers are every first Friday of the month. We are in our summer break at the present so our next Vegan Supper will be Friday 2nd of September.

To book please or

Telephone 01787 311558 or 07462108708